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How PDR Works

How PDR Works

What is PDR?

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR) is a restoration technique used to remove dents from your vehicle without affecting its original paint. Unlike a traditional body shop where replacement part orders, fillers, sanding, painting, touch-ups, and lots of wait time are required to fix your vehicle, our team of highly skilled technicians restores your vehicle in a fraction of the time while keeping the original paint and parts intact. 

How Does PDR Work?

Paintless dent removal is like a gentle massage for your vehicle, fixing pesky dents without disrupting its factory finish or resorting to major replacements that take time and usually a lot of money to correct.

The PDR Process Involves Two Main Methods:

Dent Pushing

Using specialized tools, the team of Next Gen technicians accesses the back side of each dent and gently pushes the metal back into place. After the large sections of the dents are worked back into place, they increasingly fine-tune their work with smaller and smaller tools until the dents disappear completely. With precision and years of dent expertise, Next Gen dent technicians restore the vehicle’s surface to its original shape, leaving our customers thrilled and getting them back on the road quickly.

Dent Pulling

When dents are in hard-to-reach places where a special tool can’t quite reach, the Next Gen technician team uses another approach. This second approach involves using specially designed glue and tabs to pull the dent up from the surface (that’s why this method gets the name of pulling instead of pushing). Technicians apply the glue to the dent, attach a tab, and then pull the dent out without causing any harm to your vehicle’s surface or paint. We like the dent-pulling method for inaccessible spaces instead of drilling holes in your vehicle (an unfortunately common industry practice used at other shops where patience isn’t valued). 

So You Got Hail Damage... Now What?

3 Easy Steps


Bring your vehicle in for a free assessment and estimate. During your visit, we will discuss options and the best next steps for repairing your vehicle.


Once your information is processed, we handle the repairs and deliver the work timeline.

Now the hard part is over! Rest easy knowing your vehicle is in the hands of seasoned PDR professionals. 



The work is complete. We will contact you with quick and easy pickup instructions. 

Deductible Assistance Program

In your insurance policy, a deductible is the portion that the insurance considers your responsibility to cover for your vehicle’s damages. For example, if your car sustains $5,000 worth of damage and your deductible is $500, the insurance will provide you with a reimbursement of $4,500. Typically, the customer would need to pay the chosen repair shop the remaining $500. However, under special circumstances, we may assist in covering or entirely waiving this fee. To find out if you qualify, book a time to visit our shop or call us today to learn more! We give you our Hassle-Free Guarantee.

Next Gen's owner working the hail dents out of a panel using PDR techniques

Did You Know?...​

Historically, your auto insurance rates will not be raised from a hail claim, which is considered an “act of God” or an “act of nature.” Next Gen Auto Hail Repair employs the nation’s leading technicians and utilizes the newest technology to fix your auto hail damage. This is how we’ve become known as the #1 hail fixing shop in Texas and Arkansas!

*Always ask your auto insurance provider questions related to your specific situation. Next Gen does not provide legal advice or provide insurance. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Paintless Dent Repair (PDR for short) skillfully removes hail dents, door dings, creases, and damage without bondo, fillers, sanding, refinishing, or repainting. Next Gen utilizes this technique to restore your vehicle’s value in a cost-efficient and speedy manner.

YES! It is simple and beneficial to make a hail damage claim with your insurance provider. Here’s why: hail damage is covered by comprehensive insurance, and by law, won’t impact your claim history or rates, but make sure you check with your particular insurance agent. Whenever possible, utilize your insurance you’ve been paying for to restore your vehicle’s value (perfect for reselling or trading-in later on) and pay zero out of pocket with our deductible assistance program.

Costs typically range from $70 to $150 per dent, depending on factors such as size, location, and intensity. Hail damage repair requires skillful expertise and advanced training, which is why at Next Gen Auto Hail Repair, we only recruit the best technicians. Our world-class team and cutting-edge tools ensure your vehicle is restored to its original state without conventional paint or bodywork, preserving your vehicle’s integrity and factory finish.

Often, yes! With our Deductible Assistance Program, we are usually able to help you cover 100% of the restoration costs working alongside your insurance, meaning you pay $0 out of pocket and $0 of your deductible. To see if you qualify for our program, call us today!

In some cases, it can be 100% free for you. Here’s how that works: You pay monthly for insurance (as required by law), and your insurance company funds the repairs when you make a hail claim. Making a hail claim won’t harm your record or change your rates since it is considered an act of God. When your insurance company pays out for the claim, they retain the deductible amount and expect our shop to collect it from you. However, with our Deductible Assistance Program, we are often able to waive 100% of your deductible, which means you won’t pay anything out of your own pocket. That’s a great deal! Who wants to get their vehicle fixed for free? 

We strongly advise against this. Pocketing the claim money instead of repairing your hail damage might be tempting, but future claims can be denied by your insurance company due to existing damage. Worse yet, trade-in and resale values plummet for hail damaged vehicles, which can cost you more than the repairs. To prevent potential out-of-pocket costs, simply have your hail damage fixed by Next Gen. We will manage the entire process, start to finish and get your vehicle value restored.

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