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Our Story

Our Story

How We Got Started

Paintless Dent Repair Dallas Fort Worth

In May 2021 while the world was still trying to get its feet back under itself, a hailstorm struck our local DFW neighborhood community and caused more damage than we had seen in decades. Hailstones the size of baseballs were recovered nearby in Keller, TX. As you can imagine, anything and everything left outdoors during the storm was utterly pummeled by the hail, much of which was damaged beyond recognition. The damage was so great, that dent technicians from all over the country were called in to help with the damage repair efforts.

Being a storm chaser myself, I spent years on the road helping out wherever the storms would pop up. Colorado, Minnesota, Georgia, Oklahoma, you name it. When the hailstorm of 2021 struck, we decided to push pause on the road travels and stay local to aid in the dent repair efforts. 

While some might think 2021 was the worst year to launch a new business, we braved the storm (literally), put our roots down in our hometown of Fort Worth, Texas, and opened our doors to serve the DFW metroplex with paintless dent repair by Next Gen! We have been proudly serving the DFW metro since then, and are eager to establish ourselves as the top-rated PDR shop DFW offers.

Our PDR Team

Owner, Jacob Johnston

Since I was a kid, I have been learning automotive bodywork from my dad.

I loved watching him work a vehicle until it looked new again. It was almost like he was a magician with the cars that came through his shop doors.

Among other things, he taught me to do right by everyone, and do work I could be proud to put my name behind.

Honestly, it wasn’t long before I also became obsessed with making damaged vehicles look like new again, and this avenue of working with my hands provided just the sense of accomplishment and real-world discipline every teenage boy needs.

I continued perfecting those restoration skill sets through high school until I eventually ventured down the path of becoming a paintless dent repair technician. My dad had learned the skill a few years earlier and, once again, taught me everything he knew.

I remember spending hours upon hours working on each little dent, attempting to make it smooth again. This practice continued until it became a full-fledged career that now supports my family, my team, and our community in Fort Worth, Texas.

Shop Owner, Jacob, works on a side panel with expert PDR technique

What Keeps Us Going

Dallas Fort Worth’s Best Paintless Dent Repair Shop

I love being able to deliver a seamless experience to the clients who walk through my doors. There is something so rewarding about taking someone’s worst day (their dream car being messed up by hail damage, door dings, or small collisions) and making their vehicle look like new again. Putting a smile on their face still lights me up even after decades of being in this industry. 

Most years, I travel several months out of the year helping folks across the US whenever their vehicle gets damaged by hail storms. I like the change of pace and scenery, but I’m eager to do more work in North Texas and stay more local with my family. That sense of consistency is important to us.  

Together, my wife Michelle and I raise our 3 kids to take that same work ethic, care for people, and desire to never stop learning into the world to make a difference. We are thankful we get to raise our kids in DFW near our extended family. 

Thanks for stopping by to read a little more about our story, how we got started, and what keeps us going each day. 

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