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We remove dents while keeping the factory finish of your vehicle intact without replacing panels or damaging your vehicle.

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How It Works

Make a Claim

Before any repairs can be made, it’s important to notify your insurance provider that your vehicle has been damaged by hail. You will then be given a claim number, and from there we can deal directly with the insurance with that number to reference.

Get an Estimate

Once your claim is made, your insurance company will assign an adjuster to meet with you or instruct you to find a local body/hail shop to get an initial estimate.

Pick-Up & Drop-Off

Once the repair shop has received approval for the amount of the repair estimate from your insurance company, you will be free to drop your car with us and we will take it over from there!

Paintless Dent Removal

Providing lifelong satisfaction through our quality hail repair services.

Our Process

What is Paintless Dent Repair?

Paintless Dent Repair is the process of removing dents while keeping the factory finish of your vehicle intact as well as preventing the possibility of replacing panels. It is done by either going in behind the metal with our specialized tools and massaging each individual dent out, or pulling the dents out with specifically designed glue and glue tabs without damaging your vehicle’s surface.

Deductible Assistance

What is the deductible assitance program?

A deductible in your insurance policy is the amount the insurance deems you responsible for paying for your vehicles damages. For instance, if your car has $5,000 worth of damage and your deductible is $500, the insurance will cut you a check for $4,500. Normally the customer would be required to pay their chosen repair shop the remaining $500, but in special circumstances we are able to help pay or completely waive the fee.

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