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If an unfortunate situation results in scratches, scrapes, or nicks on your car, we can help!

Next Gen is the top-rated auto scratch repair company in Fort Worth. We have your back and can fix any paint scratch faster than any body paint shop nearby DFW.

Every day, we make cars, trucks, SUVs, and vans look new again with paint and scratch repair Fort Worth Texans can be proud of when driving around town. 

Welcome to Next Gen, where precision meets excellence in Dallas Fort Worth car scratch repair services.

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Regardless the size, shape, or intensity of the car scratches, we have repair solutions created just for your vehicle. Working inside the Design District of Dallas Fort Worth, Next Gen Auto Hail Repair has been growing a base of happy clients for decades. We are ready to help you next!

Utilizing specialized tools and paintless dent repair techniques, our team has the knowledge to fix every car scrape repair situation we encounter.

If you have ever searched for body paint shops near me, or car scratch repair near me, we can be your last search. When it comes to repairing automotive blemishes, choose Next Gen for an amazing experience.

Vehicle Scratch Repair Services

The Best Shop in Dallas Fort Worth Automotive Scratch Repair

Clear Coat Scratches

The Superficial and Light Car Scratch 

The most minor of cosmetic imperfections, clear coat gashes, can oftentimes be removed by simply buffing the clear coat with a simple polishing compound to restore the appearance. This process eliminates the damaged layer, restoring the paint to its original scratch-free car shine.

However, since vehicle paint is layered in order (metal, primer, paint, and then clear coat), a deeper scrape may require sanding the affected area before looking new again. This is where paint layer scratches come into play.

Paintless dent repair on the door of a car inside Next Gen's shop in Dallas-Fort Worth TX.

Paint Scratches

The Second Layer of Vehicle Scuff Removal

If attempts to fix scuff on car are ineffective, we have solutions to repair the paint layer and make it look new again. This is, thankfully, not as intensive as when the primer and metal levels of the vehicle are exposed by an accident. 

We understand that each scrape is unique, so we tailor each repair approach to your vehicle’s needs.

Primer Scratches

Intensive Mobile Bodywork Repairs

Deep gashes create a much more labor intensive repair. This usually not something that can fixed with a car scratch remover kit alone. But don’t worry! Next Gen has the tools to make the scratches disappear.

Whether your vehicle has a surface scratch that’s difficult to see or a deep gash that exposes the bare metal, our team has the expertise to handle it. From minor imperfections to more significant challenges, we’ve got you covered!

Paintless dent repair on the door of a car inside Next Gen's shop in Dallas-Fort Worth TX.
PDR technician uses special tools to remove hail dents on roof.

Superior Scratch Repair Tools

Always Improving to Serve DFW Better!

We value staying ahead of the pack, that’s why we upgrade and purchase the latest tools and industry tech. Our commitment to excellent customer service means that each repair is carried out with efficiency achieving the best results in less time. That’s the Next Gen difference!

Automotive Scratch Repair Pros You Can Trust!

We restore the vibrancy of your vehicle by removing unsightly dent and scratch marks quickly. 
We want you to be proud of your vehicle again. Book with us today to restore car paint Fort Worth! 

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